Saturday, September 10, 2011

Part 2: Y-Axis Build Out

After rejigging the frame, tightening everything up again after moving into my office, I was ready to actually make some real progress and install the y-axis.

After inserting an extra hex nut to accommodate for the "modified" (violently dremeled off) m3x25 bolt that was protruding too far into the pulley assembly area I was ready to get things moving.
Using aluminum pulleys which I love

With the help of my office-mate I was able to apply the epoxy and then evenly attach the bottom MDF plate to the newly modified Resin bushings with brass sleeves. Again with my colleagues help, he held down the T5 timing belt as I secured them with the m3x25 bolts securing the Y-Axis in place. 

Bottom view of Y-Axis
T5 Belts has good amount of tension on it but not too much

The Y-Axis moved evenly and without too much resistance.A gracious amout of WD-40 the results were only improved by two fold. I have heard of people using felt bearings instead and I think this might be the way to go next time.

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