Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part 5 Cont: Mounting the Arcol v3.0.1 Hot End: Section 2 of 2

I encountered a problem mounting arcol hotend on my standard clonedel carraige. There is an air gap between the hotend and cold end (wades extruder). This is an issue becuase as the filament goes through this gap it is no longer being guided and will miss the tiny hole on the arcol hotend.

To solve this the cool folks at lulzbot sold me a mount plate for their Budaschnozzle which is very similiar to the arcol hotend but shorter so you can get some more print height off your z-axis.

However even with the awesome mount plate I needed to modify if with my dremel so it would fit. What follows below are some pics I took to do this hack, dont judge ;)
I cramed some extra basla discs in before I put the mount on

You can see where I had to use my dremel to 'sand down' the plastic on the mount