Sunday, September 11, 2011

Part 4: Z-Axis Build out

After mounting the smooth rods and measuring their placement with a plumb line I proceeded to mount the z-axis motors. However the slits for the m3 bolts were not positioned exactly where they needed to be, so some TLC from my dremel and 15 minutes later the motors were mounted successfully.
Drilled bigger holes with my dremel
 Once I worked up the courage to mount the X-axis on the smooth bars I had to be quick the epoxy before it dried up. About 10 stressful minutes later my hands were covered in hardened epoxy film but the x-axis was mounted successfully on the smooth bars

The epoxy did a great job of holding the bushings to the x-axis

Clonedel Spring Implementation
One of the cool things about the clonedel design is that there is no weird hex shaft for the hex nut and spring assembly to get stuck in.  Also it just looks cooler because you can see the springs compress as the x-axis moves.

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